Monday, July 5, 2010

Almost to Vermont!

     Hello to all and much love from the trail. The past two weeks have seemed to fly by. There's been plenty of adventure, no doubt. For those of you who have not heard, Laura did contract Lyme disease. She is doing really well though, has experienced no symptoms whatsoever, and will continue taking antibiotics for the next couple of weeks. We were truly blessed to meet a local trail maintainer in New York, Ralph "Elvis Trailsley", who was extremely helpful with information and with getting Laura her medication. Thanks so much Ralph. You are a true trail angel! (On a similar but far less curable note, my beard continues to grow rampantly out of control. No amount of antibiotics or landscaping equipment seems to be helping!) As far as the hiking goes, since our last post we have traveled through New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and tomorrow will be our last day in Massachusetts. That's a little over 280 miles in 13 days. We're feeling great both physically and mentally which is good because from here to Mt. Katahdin, the hiking is going to get a lot harder. The last 600 miles through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine is said to be without a doubt the hardest stretch of the trail. The journey continues to be amazing, overwhelming, inspiring, humbling . . . pretty much every feeling and emotion that can't be properly put into words. We are so excited about what lies ahead, and as always, are so appreciative of all the love and support and encouraging comments. Specifically, thanks to Logan and Lerrin for sending us our mail drop. To Kirk, Chrissy, Rachel, Kennon, and Nathan, thanks for the care package. It's always great to have some treats on the trail! To our friend and trail angel Joe in Vernon, NJ, thanks so much for the ride from the grocery store and for taking the time to chat with us. You made our day by keeping our ice cream from melting! Finally, thanks again to you for keeping up with us through this blog. We will post more pictures and videos as soon as we are able. Much love and blessings from Lola and Sunrise!


  1. You are some hikers , arent you?!!!! Amazing, really amazing! Take care of each

  2. Lola and Sunrise,
    Its great to hear that you are doing so well;especially since its heat breaking weather in the Northeast. Keep up the trailblazing....thanks for keeping us informed.
    Mom bout :)

  3. Hey FYI we sent a package! I am hopeful it will get to you at the right time and place! Just so you know I check your blog every morning at 7:13 am my time and it really gets me that extra little boost I need in the mornings so thank you very much! Know that we miss you and are more than proud of you both! Enjoy your evening or morning!

    Love ya

  4. Hi Bakers! I hope the last and hardest part of your journey is treating you so well :-) I wanted you both to know that Laura has inspired me to donate my hair, making it as short as her's. I am just about to leave for my appointment now. You two are some pretty amazing people and true motivators! Keep up the awesome work as you start the hardest and last part of the trail! Can't wait to see you both for Gauley season :-) I will try to send you a link so that you can see my short hair. Miss you both a lot! - Ann Lewis

  5. Hey guys -I'm really missing ya'll and looking forward to seeing you soon. Bella started walking yesterday! So fun! Since ya'll are going so fast, are there any changes to sending ya'll letters or goodies - or is it the last schedule you posted?