Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thundering Creek Falls, VT
Is this what they mean by "Natural Beauty"?

Vermont/ New Hampshire Border

Sun setting and moon rising, White Mtns., NH

Catching the sunrise atop Liberty Mtn., NH

Franconian Range, White Mtns., NH

South Twin Mtn., NH

Lakes of the Clouds Hut, where we helped with dishes in exchange for a meal and a nights stay

Mt. Washington, NH

The Great Gulf, Mt. Adams in the distance, NH

Lola on the summit of Mt. Madison, NH

Curious fox, White Mtns., NH

Galehead Hut, White Mtns., NH


  1. Thanks. This is a lovely set of photos. Much appreciated.

  2. Hey, natural beauty. Where is the bird's nest in that beard?

  3. what a beautiful place to be! I miss you guys! can't believe they make you work on the trail