Monday, June 21, 2010

On to State #8, NJ

     On our 89th day of hiking we made it to Delaware Water Gap, finishing the stretch of trail through PA and moving on into NJ. The summer has been great so far. It has been hot for sure, but the longer days have allowed us to continue making steady progress. We had a great time hanging out with Casey and Ashley last week. Shiner Bock beer, a cigar, and hanging out around a fire with my best friend. Life doesn't get too much better. Thanks for driving across the country to see us guys. Such a treat! 
     As crazy as it sounds, we are actually in New York City right now. Our good friends Naira, Alla, and Julia came and picked us up for the weekend and took us to Clearwater, a music and environmental festival on the Hudson River. We had a blast listening to music, checking out the many informative booths, and catching up with the girls. You gals are too good to us. Thanks for everything!
     It's hard to believe that we have been hiking for 3 months already. It has been the journey of a lifetime, and I couldn't even begin to explain how excited we are for what lies ahead. Each day I find myself becoming more overwhelmed by the magnificently simple yet undeniably profound act of walking. The time in nature, the moments of reflection, the adventure of experiencing a new place together each day. . . it has all been such a blessing. Thanks for being a part of it all with us. John Muir put it beautifully when he said,  "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." Peace, blessings, and some of nature's good tidings to you all.


  1. We already miss you LaUra and Bryant! Our bodies made it to work...sort of ...but the spirit is with you on the trail. Drink lots of water!

    Love ...

  2. Hello to our favorite hikers! Congrats on making it so far and a month ahead of schedule! We are so proud of you. We will be looking for that book to come out in the upcoming year or two about your adventures. Scott sure enjoyed talking to you Bryant the other day. We love you and miss you, but this blog is GREAT! We are absolutely CRAZY about the new little girl in our lives. All is well. Take great care you2. love ya.

  3. It was so fabulous to see and spend time with you guys... Looking forward to seeing you in Texas this fall!! Lots of love.

  4. Hello friends!
    We really DO miss you guys. Some of us were talking about the upcoming fall and winter and how much fun it will be to have both of you back...whenever that is, we're ready!
    On another note -- Carrie and I both agree that contracting an illness on your hike makes you infinitely cooler and more hardcore...the equivalent of getting malaria on a trip to Africa. I AM praying for your health and that you both have the strength to finish what you started and have a blast along the way! Much love from NB.

  5. Dear Bryant and Laura,
    Haven't heard your voices in a while. What's going on with getting Lyme??? Take the meds Aunt Chrisy gave you for bites--keep us updated on your health!! I'm the mom, I can nag!!! Love and hugs, Mom B

  6. It has been a while since you guys posted anything... How is it going? The weather here in NY has been nasty hot. Thinking of you lots and more than sure you are enjoying your journey no matter what... See you in two weeks...Love much....