Sunday, June 20, 2010

Half Gallon Challenge!!!

A tradition among thru-hikers, the goal is to eat a half gallon of ice cream at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, PA. Considering the cold and wet weather, Lola and I declined, but we were more than happy to shoot some video and commentate.

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  1. Hey, Bryant and Laura,
    I've just sat here and read all your posts. Wow! I'm amazed. Bess just told me that you have Lyme Disease. Bummer! I hope you are getting treatment. I just read up on it. Other than that, your posts are all so wonderful. You're great communicators. We all miss you here. You missed the flood; we did, too. We were in Georgia. We're headed out next week to visit Jonathan and Lisa in Toccoa for a week. We all plan to be there except for Jacob. He has to work.
    God keep you safe and send His healing Hand to you. We love you, Mary Nell