Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updated Itinerary

Just a little note for those of you who have asked about sending us care packages. Here are a few spots where they can be sent and the date they should be sent by. Please let us know by email or by comment on the blog if you have sent anything so that we can make sure and pick it up. Thanks for all the love and support . . .

Bryant and Laura Baker
General Delivery
Vernon, NJ 07462
*mail by June 14

General Delivery
Dalton, MA 01227
*mail by June 30

Base Camp Outfitters
2363 Rt. 4
Kilington, VT 05751
*mail by July 1


  1. Hey ! You hikers YOU !

    Please send a list of desireables for July 1st.

    Love Ya,


  2. Hey Sunrise and Lola! It's kricket. I am writing to ask if you would mind emailing me the pictures from cinco de mayo? The one of me and Michigan laughing in particular. My email is

  3. Laura and Bryant, are you in NJ???? I am flying from Utah tonight and will pick you up guys! Let's meet at Butter Milk Falls Trail which crosses AT right in Delaware Gap? Or do you have a different point? We will come! When are you here???? My cell 646-772-3028

  4. Lola and SOS,
    We plan to mail a little box to Killington, VT by July 1st. Will you still be at this destination?
    Let us know....if you won't be there.

    It was so good to see that you both look good and ard healthy. Wow! You have hiked so far....I'm inspired to walk longer.
    Mom b.

  5. Hey guys expect a package from ME and Moe at the Kilington Drop. Hope you guys are having a wonderful day because I know I am whenever I get to comment on your blog!

    Love you guys!

    Tony P