Friday, June 4, 2010

Journal entry from 5/26, day #65

     The winding down of another day . . . I lay back in our tent and soak in the stillness. Outside I can hear the buzz of mosquitoes, birds chirping responses to each other, and I notice large black beetle making his way effortlessly up the mesh wall by my feet. Suddenly the stillness is somewhat interrupted as leaves and twigs crackle under the hooves of a white tail deer. With his fuzzy spikes just barely beginning to show, he seems intrigued by us, but not in the least bit scared. He sniffs and snorts as he methodically makes a large, arching semi-circle around our campsite. If he gets a big enough whiff of my socks or sweat-stained shirt hanging from a nearby branch, he may hope to never see another "two-legged" again. As I watch him slowly circle, head bobbing up and down with each step, I notice that behind him, through the thick forest of trees and vines, the sky seems to be on fire. Bright pinks and reds accentuated by shades of purple have overtaken the western sky. I lay back once again, and I find myself in awe of how peaceful, how simple, how amazing life is right now. While reflecting and taking in the blessings of this moment, I'm reminded of a phrase I've heard, read, and recalled many times before. "This too will pass." As in moments past, this simple phrase once again seems to comfort me, to center me. Experiences, whether positive or negative, pleasure or pain, contentment or struggle, will come and go. Everything, in time, will pass. Remembering this truth makes me want to engage, to feel each moment even more. Without the difficulties of my past, this moment would not be as sweet, and in the future, recalling this simplicity and peace will help me handle a new struggle. Life gives us not what we want, but what we need in order to become who we are meant be. As the sun sets behind a sea of mountains, I am reminded of my smallness. When natures grandness is on display, I am content in my obscurity. Such a gift life is . . . a journey to be embraced.

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