Monday, April 12, 2010

We Made It Through The Smokies!!!!!

   Oh where to begin?!?!?!?! First off, thank you all so much for the many words of encouragement and comments on the blog. It's a real treat to hear from you guys and gals when we are able to get on a computer.  I know it's been a while since our last post, so I'll try my best to recap the past couple of weeks. Here it goes... The day after leaving Neels Gap, we had a nice surpirse in the form of Jonathan Hall(Bess Depriest's brother) meeting us along the trail and spending a night with us on top of Rocky Mtn.  Not only was his company awesome, he brought 7 steaks with him and cooked them for us that night.  WOW!!! Steaks on the trail!!! I think the infamous "trail appetite" kicked in, because I had 4 of them.  Jonathan, you have attained legendary status in our minds. We cannot say thank you enough. 
   The next morning we woke up to some pretty terrible weather. High winds, rain, and hail.  By mid day we were completely soaked, but we pushed on and hiked a little over 15 miles to make it to The Blueberry Patch Hostel outside of Hiawassee, GA. It's operated by a former thu-hiker and his wife out of their home, and it was awesome. They took us in all wet and muddy and smelling lovely I'm sure, and gave us a bed, hot shower, and then did our laundry for us. We were in disbelief. Then in the morning, they fed us a breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, biscuits, gravy, and homemade blueberry syrup.  At this point I considered giving up the dream of thru-hiking and instead adopting the new dream of living with Gary and Lennie!! Not really, but, wow, what great folks!
   Fast forward to today... It's our 21st day on the trail and we just walked out of the northern egde of Smoky Mountain National Park. We spent the last 5 days traversing the park and it was absolutely unbelieveable. The mountains were magnificent, stretching out like endless ocean waves. There were miles and miles of ridge-walks, postcard views from rocky peaks, another powerful storm with lightning and hail and everything else, and for stretches we were hiking in two and a half feet of snow!! If I knew how to insert a "face in the sun, arms open wide, arched-back yell from the top of my lungs" link on this blog, I'd put it right here.  We're both still letting it all sink in.
   Overwhelmingly overwhelmed so far!  As of today, we've walked 247.2 miles, and as I look at my guidebook, it tells me there's only 1940.7 to go.  Life is good! Thanks so much to everyone for the comments. We feel truely blessed to have you all in our lives. We'll post more pictures and hopefully some video as soon as we are able. Much love, many blessings, and happy hiking . . . Sunrise Over Sea & Lola

P.S. Oh yea, we got trail names. Laura's (Lola) was inspired by Isa Finegold and mine (Sunrise Over Sea) by my tatoo.


  1. Hi Lola and Sunrise over Sea :) I'm sitting here with Grma Pat reading her your latest news!
    Awesome reading.....doesn't sound much like roughing it to us!! haha Can't wait for pics of your latest views!
    Prayers and love always coming at ya!

  2. Hey there sunrise and Lola, sounds like if I really want a good meal I should just start walking. I hope your days and nights are blessed and Lola I hope that sunrise isn't holding you up to much. Just tell him these some sweets just ahead and I'm sure he'll kick it into overdrive. I think about you guys every morning at 7:15 on my journey to work. I pray that today you have a wonderful walk through Gods creation, you are both missed greatly. Love you guys!

  3. SOS & Lola,

    Thanks for the update. Of course I was overwhelmed by your overwhelmingly overwhelmed and laughed and cried as I read. I am glad all is going well. Sounds like you are enjoying all the adventure that one can. Enjoy and thanks for sharing that enjoyment with us. Keep it up one glimpse, one step at a time. Big hug.

  4. Great news! Way to go Lola and the Sunrise Bakers! You can not even imagine all the treats that wait for you up here just a little north! Come , we will join you as well or steal you from the trail for a good nite's rest at home...Keep sharing the beauty of the hike. Your blog keeps our motivation to one day actually follow ur steps pretty high :))))) LOVE you much... be safe...thinking of u daily...

  5. It's awesome to see how y'all are living one of your dreams. I hope it continues to be everything you have dreamed about and more. Your adventurous spirit's are inspiring to everyone around you including me. I can't wait to read your next post and see some more pics of your adventure. Love you both bunches!

  6. Lola and SOS...Amazing! 247.2 miles already! And I thought Panther Canyon was a feat with 19 kids. What strength and stamina,and character you both have developed. I can't wait to hear more of your adventures. Enjoy God's creation!!
    Love....hugs....and prayers,
    Mom b.

  7. Hey Laura & Bryant, Great to see the pictures and hear from you again. What an amazing time. We are SO proud of you and what you are doing. Keep on keepin' on! We love you, Susan & Scott

  8. Had a good time with you guys although it was short. Happy trails.