Sunday, August 15, 2010

A journey completed!!!!!!

On the morning of August 14th, day 145 of our journey, we made it to the top of Mt Katahdin in Baxter State Park, ME, completing our 2,179 mile walk from Springer Mtn in Georgia. Such an amazing experience. To say we are overwhelmed would be an understatement. The most humbling, yet at the same time the most empowering. The most beautiful, yet at the same time the most painful. Thank you for being a part of it with us.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing! Way to lift your man up Lola!

    It looks like you enjoyed the whole trip.

    Love you both and can't wait til you get to your homeland....TX. to give you a BIG OLE HUG!


    Mom b.

  2. Way to go! We are so excited to hear all about your amazing journey (IN PERSON over Coffee!!!)

    Much Love,


  3. As Lola would say........"WOOHOO"!!!
    You two are truly an you much

  4. So proud of you guys, way to go on your journey!!!!!!!! I've had chills the entire time i've read your last entry! Love you both and can't wait to hear about it in person! Way to go BAKERS!!

  5. Can I cry now? Congrats you guys! I love you both very much!!!!

  6. Laura and Bryant! I am so proud of you- I had no doubt that you would succeed and your determination is something of a kind! Good job and I hope to see you soon. Now rest, eat and rest some more! Love you much and can;t wait to hear more stories of your great adventure! Naira

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What can I say. Unbelievable. Relish it all. love you so!

  8. Yay!! I am so proud of you and excited for all the stories there are to hear! I miss you guys! Are you all going back to WV for Gauley? I need to figure out a weekend to get down there and give ya'll the BIGGEST hug ever!

  9. Hey Lola and Sunrise!

    Congrats on your summit! I see it was a gorgeous day for you guys as well. We'd love to stay in touch with you guys, maybe share some pictures and stories from our summit, so here's our emails and hopefully we'll talk to you soon!

    Chris (Tetherball)
    Laurel (Moose)

  10. You guys are legends! I had the greatest time hiking with y'all. Please hit me up one time, I think you have my number and/or email. Let's stay in touch! Take care