Monday, March 22, 2010

Anticipation Building

So we've made it to North Georgia!  We had a smooth drive with Becky(Laura's Mom) and have spent the last two days enjoying Jim and Elaine's cabin outside of Ellijay . . . such amazing hosts!!  They drove us over to Amicalola Falls State Park where our hike will begin and up to Neels Gap and Mountain Crossings, a hostel/gear shop that we will reach after hiking about 40 miles.  We got to speak with some other thru-hikers who had already begun their journey which was really cool. The aniticipation and excitement that is building is like nothing we have ever experienced before.  As we stood at the trailhead, seeing the sign that reads "Mt. Katahdin, Maine 2,175 miles," I looked over to Laura and lovingly said, "I think I'm gonna puke."  It's still hard for us to actually comprehend that tomorrow, March 23, the adventure will begin.  It seems like we will have decent weather our first week out, even though today the snow has been steadily falling.  What a beatiful place! How lucky are we to get to experience it more!  This will be our last post before we start hiking. Thanks to everybody for your support, encouragement, prayers, and love. Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you all.


  1. Bryant and Laura! NAJi wish you all the best- stay safe, have fun and see you soon! we are planning to meet up with you either in NJ or NY or both and PA delaware gap as we hike there often. Please let us know when you are getting closer. This is so truly exciting and i love the fact that you actually followed through on every single plan so GOOD Luck and enjoy every minute of this! love you lots, girls

  2. "Now this, this could make me throw up" ;D
    <3 Paul