Tuesday, February 16, 2010

     The days seem to keep flying by!!! In just one month, this thing we've been planing for over a year and dreaming about so much longer will actually begin . . . . wow, still pretty sureal.  Anyway, this is our blog. Thanks for checking it out. Laura and I are excited to be able to keep you all updated as we make our way from Georgia to Maine.  We will do our best to post our journal entries, photos, and whereabouts as often as possible.  Please feel free to post as many comments as you wish throughout our hike.  This will be the best way to keep in touch with us while we're out on the trail, and we would both love to hear from you guys.  The countdown to March 22nd has begun! Just a little more planning and a few loose ends to tie up . . . . the butterflies in the stomach have commenced!!! Much love and blessings............ The Bakers


  1. Bryant, you have a talent for writing blogs....
    I am very happy for you guys and I will miss you greatly this summer until we finally meet by the Buttermilk Falls and hike together for a NJ part of the trail, or well some part of it.

    You both are great and I wish you all the best luck: god weather, wilderness experience, and of course to achieve goals (if any) you set by hiking the AT.

    Go Bakers!

  2. btw big N it's Naira0 that's my nick name in some circles

  3. Hey! Jonathan (Bess' brother) here. You must have impressed Bess because she is excited her brother gets to meet you two :P

    You know I'm willing to do transport or be a trail magician for you +/- would like to hike with you for 2-3 days. You are starting the 22nd or 23rd? Starting from Amicalola? I don't know your scheduled mileage so would that be Woody gap?(~28 mi from Amicalola) or Neel's Gap?(~38 mi) by the 26th AM (Friday)? I know you can't schedule everything but I'm free Thurs PM - Sun PM (25-28) so let me know. I'm about an hour and 15 min from Woody or Neel's gap (and the trail winds closer to Toccoa as you progress in that section), so if you need a shower and real bed by then, could pick you up. If want to stay on the trail I'll bring the steaks!